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    Brit Hotel Les Alizés - Pornic


in Pornic

Situated in Loire-Atlantique, the town of Pornic is a seaside town in the Pays de la Loire region. The town’s inhabitants, known as the Pornicais, form a population of 34,500. The town is known for its château and old port.

Good to know: The name Pornic comes from ‘porniti’ (the port), because Pornic was originally nothing but a port, before becoming a town. What would Pornic be without its ports! Indeed, the town is made up of three ports, the fishing port, the marina and the Port de Gourmalon.

At these you can find numerous activities and enjoy the calmness of the seaside. Activities are many and varied: horse riding, adventure park, golf, swimming, cycling... Everything is possible in Pornic!

The city has a very rich heritage, as does the Château de Pornic, which used to belong to Gilles de Rais, compatriot of Joan of Arc. The château is situated on the seafront. A little snag: The château can't be visited, but you can access its court during a visit to the tourist office.

But you can also find the gardens, like that of Retz, around a hundred metres from the château, and also the churches, such as Sainte Marie, a Neogothic church dating from the 19th century.

Indeed, in Pornic, there are many things to see and discover. What would a seaside town be without its ports and sun-baked beaches? Pornic has many beaches to suit all tastes, white-sand coves, great beaches opening out onto the ocean or small rocky harbours...

Pornic is not just a seaside town, thanks to the 1,000 businesses which are established there and which offer 6,000 jobs throughout the year, or the four markets which are held in the town, from Wednesday to Sunday.

Lovers of yacht sailing are at home here: indeed, the town offers a yacht club, a sailing school, a private marina and a municipal port.

Pornic is also known for its fisheries, these small wooden cabins perched above the water. Before, the region’s fishermen would use a net suspended on long chestnut oak rods: the nets would be held up high from the cabins and lowered to go fishing.

On the subject of cuisine, here you can taste the delicious seafood or the ‘curé nantais’, the speciality of the region in terms of cheese, while you can discover Nantes-style asparagus which will whet your appetite, while for dessert, you can taste the Gâteau Nantais, and pound cake made with an almond powder base and raised with rum.
Pornic is a town which is twinned with three other European towns, Linz am Rhein, in Germany, Scalby-Newby in England and Baiona in Spain.

A story:

Once on a Sunday afternoon, a huge cloud of bees came and settled on the roof of a carousel in the town of Pornic, causing the ride to close between 3pm and 6pm.
The authorities arrived, and set up a false beehive to trap the bees and evacuate them from the ride. The ride was able to reopen around 6pm. Make the most of your stay as a family or among friends to discover the town, its fishing port and marina, its castle, its gardens and its ponds.

Whether it be festivals, cultural shows or theatrical performances, Pornic is buzzing throughout the year, for the enjoyment of its inhabitants and tourists alike!